Thursday, 6 November 2008


My first blog.
I've decided to become a part of this web phenomenon in order to promote my work, network and also to simply keep myself an online journal and place to organise my thoughts.

About me.
I'm Tim Hodge (29/09/1989)! Hi.
I'm studying BA Fine Art at Southampton University: Winchester School of Art and I'm in my first year.

I will be updating this blog with various examples of work from my studio based modules and also my analogue and digital practise (ADP) module. As a result there will be a fair few mashed together, experimental photoshop pieces. But hopefully that will all be over soon!

I hope I will persevere and keep this updated and keep a focus to it, I have a bad feeling I will start ranting about football results and the price of a weekly shop at Tesco.

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