Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Too Many Pubs for a Town That Size

Apologies for the lack of updates again, I promise to work on this.
I have done a new painting entitled "Too Many Pubs for a Town That Size". It is 200cm x 77cm, it is on an old solid wood door. I had the idea of painting on domestic surfaces and I thought I could incorporate this into my idea of creating a history painting.
The painting is an original composition of a British street party scene. The characters in the composition are from various photos taken by myself and others that I have drawn from.
It was a difficult piece to create and I'm still unsure as to its success. I like some parts of it while I dislike others.
I have tried to keep a rough and fluid approach to it, sanding over my loose marks whenever possible. I have also tried to incorporate more symbology in this piece though I fear I may have concentrated too much on the meaning of the painting. I'm on my Christmas break now so will continue to think about new compositions to move this work forward.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated. (Please click on images to enlarge.)

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Luke Jones said...

Looks pretty cool Tim - keep up the good work.

A little critique though and this is coming from a completely amateur source so you don't have to take anything that I say into account...

I'm really not sure about the faces of the people in it... The old dude on the left is my favourite, but the others seem a little over-simplified.

Other than that... go team!

Go all Riceboy Sleeps next time and find an old window frame, then paint on a sheet of old wood and stick it into the back of it so you're looking through a window at the piece!