Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I forgot to write a key part to my blog yesterday, the concept behind my current work.
Yes, I started out trying to take away all concept and meaning, but something will always develop. With the spontaneous and humourous nature of the work I've been doing, I started thinking about the meaning of the work to me opposed to the meaning of the
work to other people. I suppose in a way the work reflects my own thought processes and is sort of just the scribblings and doodlings of the random things that come to my head. This is a thought that I liked and decided to explore the idea of taking these thoughts and works which obviously have some significance to me and presenting them as they are to an audience.

I think I've done this best through recordings of my short stories, as a computer voice cannot read the words properly or always gauge the intonation that is appropriate. As a result you're left with a robotic, disjointed string of words and phrases and I believe this sort of sums up what I was exploring, that if you put private thoughts through someone else they will always come out with a different interpretation.

I'm going to display this sound alongside my large scale text based installation. Hopefully the phrases written on the boards and canvases will have a simil
ar baffling effect on the viewers who will be unaware of the relationships between each phrase or what exactly they are referencing.

I hope that makes sense, I'm going to fine-tune that speech so I'm ready to blast it out when it's my turn to be critiqued.

For now, I leave you with the photos of the new cameras and the new shoes. More photos of work will be up asap.

All photos are from eBay.

Zenit-E with case - took some wrestling with, but it's good fun and can't wait to see the results.

FujiFilm Instax 100

New kicks - Adidas Originals High Tops.

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