Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Much needed update.

Well, finally I update my blog.
It's been too long. I'd like to say I've been too busy but really I've been too forgetfull and lazy.

So, I have my first year exhibition in a couple of weeks so I'm preparing for that.
My work has changed considerably since I last wrote on here.
I got so fed up of trying to find meaning or heavy concepts in my work or to inspire my work that I started afresh by taking all meaning out of my work and trying to have FUN! Yes, fun in art!
I tried to be childish and imaginitive and ended up with a number of ideas happening at once.
These ranged from stamp collecting, making my own fictional band ala Jamie Shovelin and Lustfaust, writing funny notes and stories and leaving them for people to find, playing with Monopoly money and obsessing over musicians and celebrities.

These ideas intertwined and morped into what I'm doing now.
Currently I'm working on an installation that will feature a number of canvases and boards painted with text (see Bob and Roberta Smith for my inspiration), which will be mounted and displayed in a sort of large scale collage, along with a number of other written works... and hopefully some sound recordings.

The sound recording is something I have enjoyed playing around with. I originally wrote a number of funny short stories over the pages of some old books, I then took this text and typed it on the computer before transferring it into a speech programme and playing it loudly while recording it on an old kiddies cassette recorder I picked up on eBay. I also played around with recording what I heard in an average day around uni and in Winchester town centre.

It was fun playing around with cassettes, which have become a forgotten format in this digital age. I picked up single copies of Blur - Parklife and Crowded House - Four Seasons in One Day which were a joy to listen to in all their distorted, crackley glory. I also dug out my dad's old Earth, Wind and Fire and Dire Straits cassettes.

I'm going to try to digitally record my stories now and have them playing along side my written works in one large installation... if all goes to plan.

So, that's pretty much where I'm at now.
As of tonight I have twitter: http://twitter.com/timothyhodge but I'm still getting used to that.
Also I have some sweet new sneaks. Some white, red and blue Adidas Originals High Tops.
Pictures of art and shoes will be but up when I can. :)

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