Thursday, 18 February 2010

18th February 2010 13:30

As I write this I am still sat in bed. I am certain to miss my crit group at 2pm. As both crits and reflection seem integral parts of my course, or my "practise", I feel I should reflect on why I am not there.
Answer: I slept in.

Because I was watching the Winter Olympics until gone 4am.

"You know why kids love athletes?" 
"Because they screw lingerie models?"
"No, that's why we love athletes. Kids love them because they follow their dreams."
-Up in the Air, 2010

I guess I still do love athletes and partly because of this very reason.
Hopefully the drive, determinaton and ambition of these athletes can rub off on me as sitting in bed now at 13:47, I clearly don't have any.


Anonymous said...

you spelt practice wrong

Tim Hodge said...

I know. I've spelt it the bloody American way.
I'm becoming Americanised! Ah!

Tim Hodge said...

Actually taking that back. I'm wrong.
Practice is the American!
However "practise" in the UK is the verb to practise, whereas "practice" is the noun.
Either way I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

You make me SICK!!!!!