Sunday, 14 February 2010


Ok, I'm under more and more pressure to do this reflective journal. I need to start it now and I need to stop neglecting this blog. Whatever I write here from now on shall be going in my reflective journal.

I'm fed up. Fed up of painting and art and society and everything. Blaaargh! Art school is so detached from reality and it annoys me.
So in an attempt to create something that has even the slightest value or relevance to anything I've decided I'm going to move into making short films and/or videos. I'm looking at buying a camcorder and I'm going to film various scenes that catch my eye. I'm going to write scripts and monologues for voice overs. I feel it is important to emphasise that the scripts are what I'm really going for here, I want to get back into writing. It's more useful to me than painting and I think it's more appropriate to the subject matter I am tackling.

I am reading up on some film theory and semiotics and doing some research into relevant British short films. Hopefully I can carry on writing and get hold of a camcorder and get some filming done soon.

Sorry if this isn't the most coherent post but I'm trying to bash these words out while they're on my mind so I don't keep putting it off. 

Anything else that pops into my mind should be abruptly plastered all over this sorry excuse for a blog.

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paula said...

i love it. sometimes we have to get pissed off to get inspired or motivated. go for it and NEVER apologize for how you feel.