Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Time for some reflection. Check me out keeping up to date with this. I'm good aren't I? AREN'T I? TELL ME I'M GOOD! 

I told you I was good.

So I've realised that I write in a similar way to how I paint. In both instances I wrestle with the medium, moulding it and shaping it into what I want and then ending quite abruptly. It's quite frantic and spontaneous and I take an educated guess as to when it's actually finished.

Moving on, I had a seminar today. I was quite nervous but it was quite good in the end. I gave a presentation of slides of my work for about half an hour and was asked questions on my work. I invited criticism on some of my most recent paintings and all the comments were fair. They mostly revolved around the work being a bit confused, specifically about it's agenda and message and that I really need to put my cards on the table with what I'm trying to say.

Having said that, I believe moving onto working in film will allow me to be assertive with my message and give it some focus.

I've been wrestling with the film making and I've tried voice acting some of the monologues myself but it all came out wrong. I don't like using my own voice as I want to detach myself from the writing slightly. As I've written the script, if I was to voice them as well it would feel very insincere and quite self-pittying due to the nature of the scripts. My friend Mark McKenny helped me out today, he voice acted three of the monologues and did a fantastic job. His Liverpudlian accent suits them perfectly. I'm really pleased with them and grateful to him for having a crack at it. I just have to get some more decent footage now and throw them together and experiment. It feel quite promising at the moment and I feel like I've done a hell of a lot of work today. I'm knackered.

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