Saturday, 6 March 2010

My short films. *Strong Language*


I've had some mixed responses to these short films. Some blunt dislike but mostly positive. 
People have said they are depressing and seem to think they are personal to me. 
I guess if they're depressing I've sort of done my job but I do NOT believe they are personal. Well anymore personal than any creation is to the creator. The views voiced by the characters in the short films are not necessarily my views. You don't watch a feature film and relate the action or dialogue back to the writer or director. Maybe this means I haven't detached myself enough from them. I may have to look into methods of doing that. Maybe it's because most of the feedback has come from people I know in one capacity or another.
I've been really self conscious about this work (and even considered taking them down from the internet and deleting them yesterday) but I'm going to continue working with ideas and making similar short films. I already have a number of short scripts as well as many more unwritten ideas. I'm going to play around with techniques and styles and keep putting them out there for critique.

All feedback and critique is welcomed and encouraged. Thank you.

Oh and a massive thanks to Mark McKenny who voiced both of the above pieces.

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paula said...

i like the dialect in the first one and the visuals of the 2nd. i found these interesting, left me wanting more of something. wanting to know more of where this character was heading.
for what it is worth, i dont think you need to think about removing these.