Saturday, 6 March 2010

Incoherent, inane, inconsequential drivel.

I have a hell of a lot of reading to do.
I have books on film theory and some more books on film theory.
I have books on popular culture and the media and a hell of a lot of readers from a friends old course. So much to get through. So much knowledge to absorb. It's daunting but really bloody exciting too. I'M LEARNING!

What else do I have to talk about?
Oh yes, films. They're on the way (well two are done and online but I want to write this up first before posting them here.) Having said that I've just looked at the toolbar here, I swear you used to be able to upload videos. Where's the button gone?!

Anywho, I watched the First Time Voters Question Time. A few points on it; Dermot O'Leary isn't actually clinically retarded as I thought he was, it has reinforced where my vote is going at the next general election, I (and hopefully some of the panel) realised that us "young people" or first time voters cannot be thrown under one blanket, like any individuals we have different priorities and agendas. There was one lad on there who wanted to see the BBC privatised. What a tit. The main difference was that some people didn't seem inclined to vote unless pressured or persuaded by images of celebrities telling them to vote. Seems silly to me, shouldn't people have already realised the importance of voting. It was suggested that political parties don't reach out the young people enough and maybe they do need to, but I'd argue any voter should be proactive in researching policies and looking at what parties are saying. I think a balance is needed, a good compromise.
What disappointed me about this Question Time was that it didn't really resolve anything or clear anything up. As much as I have researched policies, I would like to see a platform where parties outline their policies specifically affecting first time voters. I think this would lead to a bigger turnout come May.

As far as platforms like this go, the upcoming Prime Ministerial debates are the closest thing we've had in a long time. It is exciting. The strict rules are interesting as well (I would love to read the full list). They are put in place to stop any bias being conveyed in the coverage, so I think will lead to a really odd, maybe boring, but definitely interesting style of coverage. I'm also not happy about them being shared between BBC, ITV and Sky. They should all be on BBC and ITV. I can't see myself going to the pub to watch the debate on Sky.

Moving on, here's a link to a short film that I found and love. It's given me some great ideas for my pieces. 


I'm sure I had more to write about but I feel like I should leave this post as it is. Kick off is approaching and I think I'll crack out another post with links to my films and a bit of response to them before the football starts. That is what Saturdays were invented for after all. Let's be honest, it matters more than most things doesn't it?

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