Monday, 29 March 2010


WARNING! This post will take on a different style to my recent posts. This will be very centred around me. I need it to be for my reflective journal university module. And it’s also 7am and I haven’t slept well.

I’m back home. And by home I mean my parents’ house. I’m here for two weeks over Easter and really need to get some work done. I haven’t been able to bring my computer back so writing is about the most intense task I can make my laptop perform. I’ve realised, since starting university, that coming back home isn’t good for my work ethic. I’m trying to put my finger on why. I got in last night and felt so unbelievably relaxed. I was at peace, it was beautiful. Not very conducive for work however.

Being awake at 7am should be quite good but really it just provides me with the time to watch the entire original Star War trilogy or to get some serious Xbox play time in before my brother wakes up. My brothers are a distraction also, whether it’s just spending time talking, or playing Xbox or fighting.

It’s strange being home. Good but strange. I start thinking about having mental, fancy breakfasts.

My minds just drawn a blank. I can’t remember what I was going to write in this post. I’m off to get a shower and do some photocopying. Photocopying is good, it feels and looks like work, gets stuff done but is practically effortless. I’m sure I’ll add to this later but for now, one half-done-job down, a few more to go. Interspersed with Xbox 360 on HDTV obviously. Who could resist that? I’m only human. Don’t judge me.

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